About IR Japan

About IR Japan

Corporate Data

Company Name IR Japan, Inc.
Type I Financial Instruments Business Operator
Head Office Address 26th floor, Kasumigaseki Building, 2-5, Kasumigaseki 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6026, JAPAN
Phone +81-3-3519-6720
FAX +81-3-3519-6730
URL http://www.irjapan.net
Establishment October 2007
Capital ¥795 million
Representative Director Shirou Terashita

Board of Directors

President and CEO Shirou Terashita
Executive Vice President and COO Takuji Kurio
Executive Director Yukihiko Aoyama
Director Takeshi Kon
Director/Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Keisuke Tomimatsu
Outside Director/Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Hiroshi Inaba*
Hideo Arai*

*Mr.Inaba , and Mr.Arai are outside directors pursuant to Article 2, Item 15 of the Companies Act.

Company Profile

IR Japan, Inc., is Japan’s largest specialized investor relations (IR) services company, providing publicly listed companies with a full lineup of support services, including IR and shareholder relations (SR) services. Since its establishment in 1984 as a pioneer in the IR field in Japan, IR Japan has consistently led the way in introducing innovative services to the Japanese market.

With a corporate philosophy that seeks to contribute to the development of fair and transparent capital markets in Japan, IR Japan's mission is to facilitate the efficient'two-way flow of information between listed companies and investors-including both institutional and individual investors. To fulfill this mission, IR Japan recognizes the importance of maintaining its status as neutral and independent from any particular financial grouping.

Client needs vary greatly according to such factors as industry, competitive environment and market conditions. By coordinating the functions of each of its specialist divisions, IR Japan is able to offer integrated and customized IR and SR programs based on sophisticated in-house research and analysis.