Corporate Governance Consulting

In line with the introduction of the Corporate Governance Code, we provide consulting services related to the formulation of governance guidelines, organizational design of boards of directors, and executive compensation design, among others. In particular, in evaluations of boards of directors, we offer differentiated services by drawing on the Group’s strength of having in-depth insight into the needs of institutional investor shareholders.

List of Corporate Governance Consulting

Board Evaluations

2017 marks the 3rd year of implementation of the Corporate Governance Code and the number of institutional investors calling for a more effective board evaluation through a third-party is rising. As a third-party and armed with a global perspective, IR Japan can assist you with your next board evaluation.


Executive Compensation Consulting

The Corporate Governance Study Group Report released on March 22, 2017 recommended that compensation policies and key management performance indicators comply with management strategy. At IR Japan, we propose compensation policies that comply with management strategy. We make these proposals based on input from your CEO, CFO and other top management.


Independent Outside Director Search

The Corporate Governance Code now requires the appointment of at least two outside directors. Furthermore, the number of overseas institutional investors calling for at least a 1/3 independent board or a majority independent board is increasing. Because of our long-standing relationship with institutional shareholders and Japanese corporations, we place the highest importance on shareholder’s trust and we will ensure that the outside directors we introduce meet institutional shareholders’ independence guidelines.