Disclosure Consulting

Our disclosure support first takes into account who is the target to receive your information. Then, taking into account your firm’s stage of development, we will identify which information will be most effective (Ex. Information on medium term management plan, information regarding the progress of business either domestically or globally), and strategically distribute this kind of information. Particularly in recent times, firms are being asked to deliver their management philosophy, business model, strategy, corporate governance and intangible assets. Also, firms are being asked by investors to increase corporate value by improving the quality of engagement relating to how the company is managed.
We provide comprehensive support by identifying issues with your IR/SR engagement, configuring the most effective disclosure tools, aiding you in how to structure the content of disclosures and helping you effectively distribute that information.

List of Disclosure Consulting

Distinctive Features of our Planning / Design of Integrated Reports & Annual Reports

  • Understanding disclosure needs through our strong relationship with domestic and international investors
  • Extensive experience from over 50 projects per year(including work with Nikkei AR award winning companies)

Our track record (integrated reports & annual reports)

  • Created integrated reports that can be used for SR engagement with a focus on long term institutional investors
  • Supported disclosure with regards to nonfinancial information such as intangible assets and ESG (Corresponding to the IIRC Framework)
  • Developed a “value creation story” taking stakeholders involved in the value chain into consideration
  • Surveyed both domestic and overseas investors to create a format for Medium Term Management Plan that would appeal to their needs

Distinctive Features of our Planning / Design of Shareholders’ Reports

  • Understanding disclosure needs with our individual shareholder survey system called “Shareholders’ Forum”.
  • Extensive experience of more than 100 projects per year

Our track record (shareholders’ reports)

  • Projects created to create firm’s “fan club”, treating your friendly individual shareholders in essence as your core customers
  • Treating seniors as a main target, we proposed a print layout emphasizing corporate culture that appeals to them

Distinctive Features of our Planning / Design on the IR Site

  • Ability to create designs based on the needs of institutional and individual shareholders.
  • Proposals based on fluidity, accessibility and interactive features

Our track record (IR site planning / design)

  • Created a site focused on the needs for immediacy of institutional investors (including access to its financial data in excel format)
  • Created a page to help individual investors easily visualize a complex business model

Global Distribution of Reports

Once the report is finished, we distribute it by e-mail to nearly 6,000 overseas and domestic investors in Japanese shares so as to acquire potential investors and upgrade your corporate profile. We propose efficient distribution so you don’t pay just for the labor put into design and preparation of reports.