Individual Shareholder Survey (Shareholders’ Forum)

Shareholders’ Forum is a communication portal for shareholders and investors. This portal will assist you in reaching out to and getting feedback from individual investors.

As securing votes become more difficult, it is imperative that companies understand individual shareholder trends and increase the number of shareholders favorable to the company. We can assist you in approaching potential shareholders and expanding your existing shareholder base.

Discover Potential Investors Via the Shareholders’ Forum

  • Expand your shareholder base by circulating your company’s information to potential shareholders who are members of Shareholders’ Forum
  • Approximately 50,000 members of Shareholders’ Forum are high-quality, long-term individual investors

※There are over 50,000 registered members in Shareholders’ Forum database who have responded to surveys. These are all excellent investors who make long-term investments in listed companies. Companies can distribute information and publications on company websites, and conduct shareholder surveys directly with the forum’s members. The forum can also be utilized to engage in multi-faceted activities such as raising company awareness, increasing public relations with potential investors, and gathering IR/SR related data.

An Alternative System to Conducting Surveys

Surveys with your individual investors can be conducted on Shareholders’ Forum. Because of our considerable experience and success in conducting surveys we can assist you not only in creating a questionnaire that will give you an accurate assessment of individual shareholder’s investment activities and opinions, but also in tallying answers and analyzing the results. We provide postcard and electronic mail forms in order to give a high-quality service at a very low cost - a system that is extremely popular with companies with a large number of shareholders. These survey findings can be utilized during IR engagements and to propose future action plans to existing shareholders.