TOKYO PRO Market was created in 2009 as a way to offer new options for fast growing unlisted firms and takes on the role of the previous incarnation TOKYO AIM market to serve Professional Investor. A J-Adviser has an irreplaceable role when firms list on the TOKYO PRO Market. TOKYO PRO Market is a market alongside Main Board, JASDAQ and Mothers.

About Tokyo PRO Market and J-Adviser

Tokyo PRO Market was created for Professional Investor and operated by TSE

Using the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market as a model, TOKYO PRO Market was created in 2012. The market operates alongside Main Board, JASDAQ and Mothers. It is an emerging market primarily for Professional Investor, and this market can also provide new opportunities for financing.

Benefits of choosing TOKYO PRO Market

  • Listing and disclosure requirements are less onerous than other markets.
  • Audit Certification is only necessary for the most recent fiscal reporting period. You can list fast.
  • Your firm’s status will improve due to listing.
  • Creditworthiness will improve by listing and you can also transfer ownership smoothly by M&A (Succession to business).
  • You can use the TOKYO PRO Market share price as an appraisal value for inheritance tax.

In order to list on Tokyo Pro Market (Why you need a J-Adviser)

In order to go forward with your initial listing and to maintain that listing, your firm is required to make and maintain a contract with a company that has obtained a special qualification as a J-Adviser. J-Adviser conducts business under the rules of the TSE and investigates whether or not your firm fulfills the listing eligibility requirements, monitors your firm’s operation after listing, and provides advice on timely disclosure. In addition to the prescribed duties, IR Japan provides flexible responses based on your firm’s size and stage of maturity. The day to day operations of the J-Advisor are handled by qualified supervisors certified by the TSE who hold the designation of J-QS. Because your firm will have a long relationship with your J-Adviser, it is really important to contract with a firm that you can trust.

The J-Adviser Process

The J-Adviser Process