M&A Advisory

We provide a unique and unprecedented M&A advisory service from the perspective of public companies.

Our professionals utilize their years of M&A advisory experience to provide a consistent service beginning with target selection and continuing to closing. We provide advisory services on M&A that truly support the increase of corporate value and are rooted in our extensive experience and knowledge in the capital markets.

Differentiated from a Traditional Financial Advisory Service

We provide superior flexibility

We take on complex projects including those for corporate control and small-sized deals that even major financial advisors will not attempt. We provide support until closing with a high degree of flexibility and speed.

We respond to the needs of listed companies

Our M&A advisory helps you navigate and comply with the laws and regulations that listed companies typically encounter. We support the sale and purchase of whole businesses, individual divisions and real estate, and respond to any needs that a company may have.
*Registered real-estate broker: Governor of Tokyo (1) No.100534

Our fees are flexible

Our advisory services are based on the content and complexity of the project, not a fixed rate.

Differentiated from a Traditional Financial Advisory Service

We are an Independent Advisor

As an independent consultant with no affiliation to any financial group we have no conflict of interest. Even in the case of M&A deals, we will consistently provide advise that will increase your corporate value.

We are experienced professionals

We have consulted on a large number of M&A projects since the start of our investment banking division in 2013. In addition to the experiences and expertise of our employees from securities companies, auditing firms, and M&A advisory firms, we leverage our connections with management at public companies, government officials, law offices and investment funds to provide a top-notch service.

Track Records

The most recent deal

  • Financial Advisor of SHINMEI Co., LTD. (one of its subsidiaries: Genki Sushi Co., LTD.)
    (Aquisition of shares of Sushiro Global Holdings Ltd.)

Other deals

  • Retail Company A (swapped shares to becomes a 100% subsidiary)
  • Securities Firm B (Company C acquired shares in Firm B via swap so that Firm B could convert to an equity method affiliate.)
  • Service Company D (founder of Company E transferred shares to D)
  • Manufacturer Company F (transfer of the shares of the founding family)
  • Machinery Company G (management buyout by founder)
  • Manufacturing Company H (capital increase)