IR & SR Consulting

IR & SR Consulting is the Group’s core lineup of services, including shareholder identification surveys, proxy voting simulation, proxy advisory (comprehensive strategy planning for shareholder meetings), the investment banking business, and the stock transfer agency business.

List of IR & SR Consulting

IR Consulting

IR Consulting provides meticulous consulting services to develop IR systems, from goal setting to emergency response plans for IR activities, for companies endeavoring to strengthen their IR activities.


SR Consulting

The need for SR Consulting services is growing due to the introduction of the Corporate Governance Code, in addition to an increase in shareholding ratios by overseas institutional investors. The Company develops completely new and unique services, from setting up SR departments to supporting ongoing dialogue activities.


Shareholder Identification Surveys

Research on shareholdings of domestic and overseas management bodies is conducted under an independent coordination system that has no affiliation with any financial institution group.


Shareholder Meeting Support

The Company offers comprehensive support services, from support during the preparatory period before general meetings of shareholders and results analysis after such meetings to general consulting.