Briefing-related Services

We support the holding and management of briefing sessions, including information on briefing information for investors.

Analyst Network(Meeting Portal Site Service)

IR Japan’s analyst network is one of Japan’s largest portal sites for the arrangement of financial announcement meetings for analysts. From among 6,000 investors (from both buy side and sell side) the service identifies those most likely to include your firm in their investment universe and aggregates them to attract them to your meeting.

Features of the Analyst Network

  • Track record of approximately 400 projects per year
    We provide analyst meeting arrangement services for listed companies of all capitalizations including micro caps.
  • Distribution of meeting information to potential investors via our portal
    In addition to the above support services, our dominant share in conducting shareholder identification surveys (@900 projects per year) allows us to constantly update information on the employment status and detailed duties such as sector assignments for over 6,000 investors to whom we can distribute information.
    * Investors are notified in advance and have given permission for the use of personal information used in distributions
  • Management of the financial results meeting arrangement portal
    Management of all financial results meetings can be done on one site. Briefing materials can be distributed immediately, and obtaining information on registered participants is instantly available via the portal site. A dedicated URL for each investor is delivered in the e-mail distribution. Investors register meeting data via the dedicated URL (participating or not) so registration is completed automatically and provides convenience for investors. A customizable notice column is also available on the registration page screen so you can add details regarding your business to keep investors informed about recent developments.
  • Digitization of business cards from the meetings
    Following the briefing session we receive the business cards presented and within three business days collate the information contained to an excel sheet allowing you to manage attendee’s information over time.