IR Planning Course (CIRP)

The IR Planning Course is designed to help you acquire the indispensible knowledge and insights required to conduct IR and SR-related activities. This IR Planning Course is authorized by the IR Planners Association of Japan, whose members have passed Japan’s only IR/SR certification and are recognized as CIRP (Certified IR Planner).

Distinctive Features of the IR Planning Course

IR (investor relations) is one of the most crucial operations at the root of the company’s management and encompasses areas such as capital markets, information disclosure, compliance, corporate governance, corporate value and other topics which are essential knowledge for IR personnel. Training for IR/SR personnel has become an important subject for publicly-listed companies.

Under these circumstances, the IR Planning Course has contributed to human resource training, and has extensively participated in the educational training and professional development of IR/SR personnel who have had no prior practical experience. Over 2000 people have already taken this course and are actively participating at the forefront of IR/SR. As an authorized course, the IR planning course has helped IR personnel acquire the general knowledge that they need and has also assisted those who wish to pass the CIRP and has consistently produced a high number of CIRP-passers.

Two Separate Courses Based on Different Career Paths

IR Planning Course (basic): A course for systematically studying the basics of IR

Organized around the subjects of: Capital markets, Company analysis, and Information disclosure and IR activities
This course is perfect for newly appointed IR/SR personnel who would like an introductory course or who have less than 2 years practical experience and would like to enhance their industry know-how.

IR Planning Course (advanced): The practical IR course recommended by experienced instructors who are working at the forefront of the capital markets

This course is not only limited to IR but also covers the field of SR and aims to equip personnel with the information and practical know-how of conducting strategic IR activities that are rooted to the business management.