SR Consulting

We see growing interest in SR (shareholder relations), which requires companies to have constructive dialogue with shareholders. This trend is related to the introduction of the Corporate Governance Code, which came into effect in June 2015.

Service Feature

Establishment of SR division

  • Formulation of purposes, responsibilities and content of business
  • Preparation of the draft of operational rules for the SR department

Outsourcing daily operations

  • Operation of the service desk for dialogue with shareholders
    (Foreign institutional investors, domestic institutional investors and individual investors)
  • Timely disclosure of materials to the above shareholders
  • Filings of institutional shareholders
    (Information gathering on institutional investors and database construction)

Outsourcing strategic business activities

  • Implementation of institutional shareholder identification surveys and proxy voting simulation
  • Selection of targets for engagement
  • Arranging engagements and accompanying clients on road shows
  • Feedback from investors and shareholders to top management
  • Advice on the formulation of capital policies and shareholder returns policies
  • Proxy voting results analysis

Large-scale SR Consulting utilizing our administrative system

List of SR Consulting