Shareholder Meeting Support

In accordance with the Japanese Stewardship Code, institutional investors are being asked to disclose votes on individual management proposals. This trend will result in stricter voting at future Shareholder Meetings. IR Japan’s expertise and high quality service will help ensure the smooth conduct of your Shareholder Meeting as we can encourage proxy voting, help decrease votes against management and help you garner support for your proposals.

Distinctive Features of Our Shareholder Meeting Support System

Track record of over 300 annual projects, plans are based on a wealth of expertise

Our company began providing Shareholder Meeting support in 1998. Since then, we have provided solutions that have ensured supporting votes from institutional, individual and corporate investors. We have a proven track record of securing votes and getting company’s proposals passed.

The world’s largest network for voters of Japanese proxies ensures rapid access to institutional investors’ and proxy advisory firms’ proxy voting information

Our company’s Tokyo headquarters and New York Branch continuously follow changes in voting guidelines. Through the Engagement Platform, a platform used exclusively by proxy personnel, your company can deliver Shareholder Meeting-related documents directly to proxy and governance teams. Moreover, we can target a high approval rate by conducting hearings with investors and following the trends in their voting.

Extensive support for proxy solicitation

We approach individual and corporate shareholders who do not normally participate in voting. We can help you encourage them to exercise their voting rights. This has been proven successful in increasing voting rates.

Timeline of Support Services Provided at Shareholder Meetings

Projection of voting results (pre-Shareholder Meeting)

Analysis of the shareholder register (as of the record date) prior to the Shareholder Meeting to project the total percentage of votes expected to be cast, the expected rate of against votes by each type of investor and the details of against votes.

Engagement with investors who might vote against

Creation of an appropriate strategy for engagement with institutional investors (foreign investors, trust banks, insurers).

Proxy solicitation

Increase the voting rate by encouraging proxy voting among individual and corporate investors by contacting them through mail, phone or in-person meetings.

Analysis of voting results (post-Shareholder Meeting)

Analysis of the voting results for each investor type and verification of the total voting rate and identification of investors’ voting patterns for certain proposals.