Proxy Advisory

We identify the officers in charge of voting rights who are key persons among beneficial shareholders and the approval/disapproval of proposals, and provide databases that respond to critical situations. Through the implementation of approval/disapproval simulation (estimation of votes), we constantly understand the risk of proposals being rejected. We secure affirmative votes for the approval of proposals through activities that encourage the exercise of voting rights established by investors, mainly domestic and overseas institutional investors and individual investors, called pure investment.

List of Proxy Advisory

Activist Related Advisory

Since the 2000’s when hostile takeovers and activists began to emerge in the Japanese market, IR Japan has continually advised companies about corporate defenses versus activists. We can draw upon our extensive experience to evaluate the level of risk that your firm faces as an activist target and propose precautionary measures as necessary.


Shareholder Proposals Related Advisory

We identify shareholders and analyze the shareholders’ agendas, and we will advise your firm on its strategy planning dealing with shareholder proposals, even in normal times.


Proxy Fight

Our proxy advisory service includes research and analysis of how best to gain approval for your agenda. We provide support including advising on strategy planning, communication with the opposite party and getting proxies voted.


Other Services